Thursday, 29 March 2012

A Few Pretty Bits & Bobs

Once again i found myself having a major rummage through the superdrug shelves and came home with a lovely selection of goodies to try. Most of the time its impulse buying as i love discovering new products and things in general to test out!

Product List:

  • Rimmel Fix & Perfect Primer
  • Rimmel Match Perfection Cream Gel Foundation
  • Deep action range at superdrug: Nose Strips, Anti blemish Gel & Shine control papers.

  • Lip Balms : Great Lips, Sugar Lips. (L.H.Collection)
  • Nail Varnishes : U R Fab, U & I. (L.H.Collection)
  • Extreme Volume Mascara
  • Extreme Curl Mascara
  • Bronzer : Shade 3

I set out mainly to get my hands on MUA's Heaven & Earth palette which i loved so much i am now including it in my giveaway!

I noticed MUA had introduced mascara's to their line ,intrigued i picked up both as they are priced at only £2 each which is beyond fabulous, such amazing value and great products.
In all honesty i have reached for my extreme curl mascara literally everyday, i've received so many compliments on my eyelashes this may become a staple in my personal make up bag!

The wand itself is slightly curved and not too big or small,perfectly shaped for coating all lashes and really does deliver with the proper application . 

The only minor con i came across was that you cannot layer this mascara a lot straight away other wise the lashes do start to stick together,i usually do one coat then do my eyebrows/bronzing and blush & go back to apply the second. Basically i would recommend to let the mascara set on your eyelashes for at least a minute or two before going in with a second coat. 2 coats provides perfect lashes for me, with noticeable length and such amazing pigmentation!

The extreme volume mascara ever so slightly reminds me of Maxfactor's false lash effect, the brush is big and thick i haven't used this as much as my curl because i feel the curl delivers better instant results where as i feel you would have to work a bit with the volume mascara, either way i was so impressed with the mascara's i will be reviewing them both separately after at least a good week of using them with before and after pictures.

Nail Varnishes
I also picked up 2 varnish's from their love hearts collection along with 2 lip balms.

I never thought id wear yellow polish but this colour looked so gorgeous and perfect for summer & bang on trend.Its a lovely soft pastel yellow that really makes an impression.

Lip Balms

I picked up 2 lip balms ,which i adore so much i may go back and get the rest .
As you can see in the picture above i picked up two shades, a staple nude and a pretty subtle pink for the days where i want to use minimal make up.

I wear the nude almost everyday but recently have been interchanging between the two, both have great pigment,subtle yet just the right amount of colour to be noticeable. Both are semi sheer and give a lovely sheen to the lips without feeling sticky like a gloss.


Next up is the bronzer i picked up. I picked up the less pinker toned of the bronzers with no shimmer. I HATE shimmer in bronzers and truly think it should be banned! lol

I was pleasantly surprised with this ,Gorgeous bronzed colour perfect for contouring cheekbones and outer edge of the face, i use this on an everyday basis.Big thumbs up!

None of the MUA products displeased me, i was expecting not to like half of them considering how affordable the prices are but was happily proved wrong. I am really impressed with this brand as a whole, i remember when they first started out and have loved to watch them grow and progress i also love that they deliver such great products at really accessible prices.
For too long high end brands have taken over the market & i really feel this brand has a bright future.

Last up are the only non MUA products of the haul! lol

Foundation & Primer
One of which is a repurchase and the other a complete impulse buy. I don't need foundation at the moment as i literally just repurchased my everyday minerals powder foundation however i came across the display at rimmel initially just to pick up my primer but this foundation caught my eye!

Mostly because of the fact that i had never come across a Gel foundation before so this idea intrigued me, i swatched various colours in store and matched myself to shade 200.

Upon application this foundation is instantly cooling, which was completely unexpected and a pleasant surprise. It dries to a gorgeous satin finish and dare ..dare i say this foundation does not even need powdering with my troublesome oily skin!!!! This product deserves its own in depth review ,which i will do along side an application routine as i truly think it was fate that brought us together! 
I am so impressed i almost dont even want to write too much about it here because i dont want the review of this to get lost within a haul i think it needs its own post so stay tuned. but for now its a major thumbs up for me!

The primer i repurchased, Its an affordable primer that truly delivers what it says. My foundation looks significantly better with this primer underneath. At first glance the effect of primers almost goes unnoticed until comes the day that you run out and try to go without it, it was then that i realised the true importance of primer and vowed to never go without it again! Dramatic claim?...i think not. As i recently tweeted : Life without a primer is sin! It leaves my skin smooth and dries velvet to the touch .To conclude.I heart this product !

Deep Action Range
Last up are 3 products from Superdrugs own Deep Action line , as they were 3 for 2 i picked up 3 products which are new to me purely to try out!
The 3 i chose include:
  • Shine control papers.
  • Deep action nose strips
  • Anti blemish Gel

The shine control papers are my new best friend, they are perfect for absorbing the excess oil on your face without having to reapply any make up or add any powder to your face which is perfect for avoiding ending up with a cakey face!

The nose strips i haven't tried yet as i still have 2 boxes of my favourite biore's left, so i will update this post with a review once i have tried them a few times.

Last up if the anti blemish gel which i do quite like. It dries to form an invisible layer on top of the blemish and helps reduce redness,which is perfect for use overnight as it dries almost instantly leaving no creamy surprise stains on your pillow.

However i can't say i will repurchase as the results aren't amazing.It doesn't work as well as my favourite clearasil overnight lotion or treatment gel but for the price the results are satisfactory .

I hope you enjoyed this post! I will hopefully be doing some tutorials both written and video as i am looking to venture out into youtube world! would love any requests or suggestions but for now thank you for reading & as always hope to see you here again soon!

With Love

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

100 Follower Giveaway!

Firstly i want to start off by simply thanking you all so much for the over whelming amount of support you guys have given me this is truly a lovely community to be a part of!

I hope you have all enjoyed reading my blog as much as i have putting it together ,seeing the appreciation is payback enough for the hard work!

So as a little extra thank you i would like to invite you to enter my mini milestone give away! Here's a look at the goodies you could be in for a chance of winning!

I have included products that are personal favourites of mine :

  • 1 x St Moriz Dark Tanning Mousse
  • 1 x St Moriz Tanning Mitt
  • 1 x MUA Lip Balm in Shade 'Great Lips' from the love hearts collection
  • 1 x MUA Heaven & Earth Eyeshadow Palette
4 Fabulous prizes that work in unison together the mitt to obviously apply the tan with (my HG tan)

& the 'great lips' lip balm,a gorgeous nude from the love hearts collection, which will go beautifully with a soft or dramatic smokey eye using the MUA Heaven & Earth Eyeshadow Palette!

All 4 used together creates a gorgeous sunkissed look which is perfect for the upcoming summer season!

If by the end of this giveaway i reach 200 followers on GFC i will be including 2 additional surprise prizes to celebrate reaching another hundred milestone! 
Enter Bellow! 

(Additional entries can be awarded for following on twitter,liking fb page etc)

Lots of Love & Good Luck

(P.S ALL prizes were bought by me & were not sent to me so be assured they are new & in perfect condition)

Friday, 16 March 2012

Oil be Gone!

If you read my blog regularly then you would have already heard me moan about my oily skin!
Over the years i have tried many products and moisturisers to try and help battle this problem. Some have worked..some have seemed to have even made the problem worse!

This post is a simple review and compare of all the moisturisers iv recently tried and also the routine that is working for me at the moment in terms of oil control!

The moisturisers in question are:

Garnier Pure - Long Lasting Shine Control Moisturiser

First up is Garnier Pure long lasting shine control moisturiser

The consistency is quick thick , smooths on easily and dries very fast. It is literally uncomfortable to put make up on top of this as it makes your skin so dry and quite tight to where it feels like your tugging on the skin when you apply your foundation. I could never use this without a creamy primer as the finish on the make up wasn't good using this alone.

It had a strong botanical scent and was an attractive shade of..light green. 
During the day my skin did get oily again i felt this made little to no difference , it works very well for the first hour or so after application but past that its a downward spiral.
The impression i get is that this dries the skin out too much and after the initial effects wear off the skin tries to over compensate for the lack of moisture in the skin resulting in an even shinier face then you started with.

I usually love garnier skincare but this product is a no go for me.

Price - £3-4 (approx - depending on store purchased) 

Simple - Oil Balancing Moisturiser

Next up is Simple.

A brand i both love and enjoying as my skin is quite particular and reacts badly to harsh products however this brand seems to really agree with my skin so yay!

This moisturiser is creamy and light ,smooths on very easily and has a lovely delicate scent that just smells clean.
Once applied it temporarily leaves a healthy sheen to the skin (see picture) 
The product eventually dries ,leaving the skin feeling matte yet moisturised ,unlike garnier, there is no 'tight' feeling to the skin, which is considerably more comfortable.

Simple. This moisturiser feels just that. 
Simple, refreshing and effective. I did still oil up eventually but the amount was noticeably less then normal, so this gets a thumbs up from me! 

Price: £4.25 (approx - depending on store purchased) 

Lush - Enzymion

I know you all expected it by now. I, of course had to include something from my new found obsession, Lush cosmetics.

I was initially given a sample of this on my first trip to lush, as i explained my skin problems, the helpful assistant listed a range of products that could help me. 
She kindly gave me samples of the various products to try beforehand to see if they agreed with me.

I went away and tried this moisturiser for a week prior to make up and primer, and in all honesty i was excited with the results! 
My make up looked so much better, this moisturiser held off the oil for a good while..but not completely! Which i think is why it works , it provides your skin with the moisturisation it needs and instead of drying it up completely initially, it controls the oil levels all day, so they never exceed a certain amount.

The container itself has 45g of product ,one dab of a finger (see picture) is enough to cover ..lets say, the entire forehead , a little does go a long way with this moisturiser.

It has a fresh citrus scent which is lovely and retails at £13.50 which may sound a little pricey at first for what appears to be a small tub, however as i mentioned you do not need a lot of this so it will last you ages!

The constancy is very light and thin, the product smooths on easily and dries relatively fast however, like the simple moisturiser, still leaves your skin feeling moisturised!

All in all this receives a massive thumbs up from me! 

My Routine

These are the steps i follow & products i use that are working for me in terms of oil control at the moment. (All prior to primer and make up application in the morning)

Step 1- I wash my face using Lush's Coal Face Bar Cleanser. 

Step 2- I then apply my Lush Enzymion moisturiser to my entire face.Let dry.

Step 3- Next i apply my primer of choice, at the moment it's Rimmel Fix & Protect Pro.

Step 4- Make up Application!

I hope this post helped any of you who may be dealing with the same problem as me! 
As always i hope you enjoyed reading the post! If you have any recommendations i would love to hear them!

See you here again soon.. hopefully ;)

With Love

Monday, 12 March 2012

I think i may be a LUSH addict..there, i said it!

Hey guys!

I posted recently about my recent first trip to lush and i have to say im already addicted! i have been back so many times its unreal and i must say i am genuinely enjoying the brand !
This post will probably be a double haul as i have been a few times in the same week ha!

This time i wanted to try out some bath products and a little more skin care! Heres a look at the goodies i came home with!

I recently tweeted about visiting lush and received a few recommendations, one product in particular kept being mentioned and that was the Honey I Washed The Kids soap, so i decided i had to pick it up!

Second was practically an instant purchase, i was flicking through the lush newspaper and came across a little article on Coal Face cleansing soap which is supposed to really help particularly oily skin! As this is a problem for me i definitely wanted to give it a go!

Lastly from this trip i though i cant leave lush without one of their famous bubble bars so had a quick sniff of them all and decided on the Creamy Candy Bath!

First things first i must start off with mentioning the products that i've particularly enjoyed.

Honey I Washed The Kids
Over the last week or so i have been using Coal Face every morning as part of my pre make up routine to see if it helped with my oiliness and i have to say yes i am impressed!
I team this up with my Enzymion moisturiser i was given a sample of on my first trip and i have definitely noticed an improvement in not only the durability of my make up, but the reduction in oiliness.

To conclude - Would i recommend: Yes.

Coal Face
I seem to have the opposite problem on my body than my face as if i dont moisturise after bathing my skin feels tight and dry, after trying Honey I Washed The Kids soap i was not only left adoring the scent of it but the fact that it didn't leave my skin feeling uncomfortably dry.
I really love this soap, it lathers up super easily and leaves your skin feeling soft and lightly scented.
Its also great even for your intimate area as regular soaps can sometimes contain harsh ingredients that aren't suitable for use for such a delicate area,yet this soap is mild and gentle yet thorough enough to use there, the lovely scent being an extra bonus!

Would i recommend : Yes.

Creamy Candy Bath
Last up is the Creamy candy bath i dont know what i really expected with this but it definitely exceeded my expectations as i didn't expect it to bubble up too much... i couldn't have been more wrong!

This was from using only 30-40% of the bar itself i was so amazed! it smelt of candy,hence the name, and produced a lot of bubbles to say the least! perfect for covering your modesty or if you just enjoy bubbles this is perfect, the scent wore off quite fast however and the bubbles sadly didn't last much longer either,sad times!
To conclude lovely little concept to try out if your intrigued however this didn't 'wow' me & also it didn't do anything amazing for my skin so i doubt ill repurchase

Would i recommend: Cant say i would ! However okay to try the once!Great bubbles!

Follow Up Of Previous Lush Purchases

As im on the topic of lush i also wanted to write a quick follow up of my previous purchases,from this post,particularly the ones that have stood out and worked for me. Also those i wouldn't repurchase.

King Of Skin:

  • AMAZING! i adore this product , leaves my skin feeling so moisturised,so easy and quick to do and no need to apply lotions after as it literally left my skin glowing all day. Even at the end of the day my legs still had a gorgeous sheen and felt so smooth! Plus it smells devine!
  • After only only use this literally melted away to half its size , which is disappointing considering its price. It exfoliates well but i found myself too scared to use it in fear of it falling apart! It leaves a similar sheen to the skin as K.O.S however the scent isnt as nice! :( I wont be repurchasing, i think ill just stick to K.O.S & Exfoliate with my mitts instead !
Enzymion Moisturiser:
  • I was given a sample of this on my first trip and after a week of use i adore it! Its the only oil control moisturiser thats really worked in harmony with my skin and not been too harsh, i went back and repurchased a full sized pot. I will post a more in depth review of this comparing it to other moisturisers i've tried, so stay tune for that! To conclude i would deffo recommend at least trying this product out! Paired with Coal face they are an oil fighting team not to be messed with!
  • I even tweet raved about my love of this ,its described as an exfoliating cleanser but to be honest its so mild id personally describe it as more of a polish! I use this every night before bed and can genuinely say i have noticed an improvement in the general condition of my skin. My complexion is evened out and its tone has improved!

After countless trips i am now a certified addict! I hope you found this post insightful! 
And as always hope to see you here soon :)

With Love

Friday, 9 March 2012

Bendy Rollers RAVE

I initially came across these rollers quite a while back however dismissed them as i thought there was no way that they would work or at least give me decent results considering there is no use of heat!

I had heard of sleeping with a bun gave you curly hair but that i found was very hit and miss as you couldn't really style the curls as you wanted and it only really worked if you had quite long hair.

Long story short i met a girl at work who had gorgeous curly/wavy hair, a hairstyle very popular amongst celebs such as Kim Kardashian, Beyonce & Miley cyrus. A soft yet glamorous curl with a lot of body and movement ,my personal favourite way to wear my hair!

Initially i ordered a few packets of rollers from ebay not paying attention to the size, the rollers were only 1cm width so gave me quite tight curls (quite similar to those achieved with the babyliss conical wand).

I then ordered the largest width rollers i could find and these worked better for me, giving me curls that i'd usually get using my tongs.Result!


These guidelines are for the purple rollers as i prefer the results with these.
I followed the same basic guidelines with the smaller rollers except i used more rollers and smaller sections .

Heres a picture of how the rollers looked like whilst in just before i set off for bed!

For application as there were 12 rollers i allowed 6 per side. 

I first separated my hair in half down the centre of my head right the way to the bottom. 
(See first diagram)

I then sectioned my hair evenly into 6 wide parts , as the wider the section, the softer the curl.
(see second diagram)

I rolled the rollers away from my face as thats how i wanted the curls to fall but you can obviously control how you want yours to look or alternate between rolled in and out.
I chose to roll each side of my head away from my face. 

The rollers themselves held shape well once moulded into place the wire inside the roller helps it form whatever shape you mould it into. 
I then wrapped a headscarf around my head to insure the rollers stayed neat and in place during the night as i tend to move around a lot!

I was left with these results in the morning:

Here is a picture of how my first attempt at using these rollers turned out (using the smaller blue rollers) Sorry about the picture quality as this was just an experiment i took a quick snap with my phone!

As you can see the curls are still very impressive the ends are a little all over the place but thats just because i didn't roll them very neatly.I learnt with practice but i was still amazed at the results considering how sceptical i was!

Next up is the results with the larger (purple) rollers:

When i saw the results i was so excited! This would cut my getting ready time in at least half!
Such amazing body and bounce, that would usually take hours with a heated styling tool and drop out fairly quickly if the right products aren't used. Where as with the rollers because you have slept with your hair wrapped around them for so many hours the curl holds its shape all day (for me any way).

I hope you found this post informative and if you've tried bendy rollers yourself i'd love to hear how you got on with them !

I've included a link to amazon as to where to buy the large purple ones for yourself! Super affordable and under a fiver! :)

As always hope to see you here soon! :)
With love

Friday, 2 March 2012

No longer a LUSH virgin..and i love it!

I have heard so much about this brand recently and i have two LUSH's right near me so i felt i just had to pick up a few things and see what all the fuss was about!

Let me start off by saying the customer service was truly lovely all the LUSH girls were amazing and really listened to what i wanted and needed.
What i really appreciated was that no one tried to force me to buy anything, which most places do. Instead they gave me suggestions and an array of samples of the items i was unsure of,they told me to go away and have a try at home and come back & purchase them only if i loved them and let them know how i got on.

I've always thought that giving out (quite generous) samples is a true sign of confidence in the brand they clearly genuinely believe in their products and its all made from fresh organic natural ingredients which is amazing and reassuring to know everything you are putting on your face is natural.

Now lets take a look at the goodies i bought!

Heres a list of the things i picked up and a brief description of their purpose:

  • Tea Tree Toner - 'Tea Tree Toner Tabs for toning troubled and traumatised skin.
I bought one of these to try out , they are intended for use with a facial steam, either over a bowl or in your own electronic steamer. Simply pop it into the boiling/hot water let it fizz and dissolve then steam your face as you would normally but with the added antiseptic and healing benefits of tea tree. As i have a facial steamer i will most probably  break it up into bits and not use the whole tablet in one go as it is quite big.

  • King Of Skin - 'Use like a hair conditioner; but on your body. Wash and rinse your body then smooth the bar all over. Rinse off and towel dry. Fresh bananas, avocados and natural butters give you beautifully soft, toned, supple skin.
I tried this in store and fell in love it leaves your skin feeling so soft and moisturised its insane how amazing the immediate results are! You really wont have to moisturise once your out the bath/shower as the natural butters in this leave your skin feeling amazing.

  • Buffy - 'ground rice, ground almonds and ground aduki beans keep your backside nice and smooth. Use it in the bath or shower to scrub, tone up and moisturise your thighs and bottom.

This product is very similar to king of skin except it exfoliates aswel as moisturises, which i thought would be perfect for when i wanted to scrub up well in preparation for when i want to apply my fake tan!

  • Herbalism - ' Surrender to the power of herbs. A solid cleanser to gently exfoliate,remove grease and calm troubled skin.
I wanted to try this to help my oily skin. The product itself is like dough u pick a tiny bit up and mix with water and it turns into a lovely creamy/paste cleanser . It has ground almonds to gently yet effectively exfoliate, i tried it in store and it left my skin feeling lovely and smooth, very excited to try this properly!

Last up its the samples i chose/was recommended:
  • Cupcake Face mask - A moisturising deep cleanse mask to help deal with oil and blemishes
  • Enzymion moisturiser - A facial moisturiser to help deal with oily skin
  • Colour Supplements - (Foundation) in shade 'Dark Yellow' 
I swatched the foundation both pure & mixed with moisturiser and done a quick application (with a light loose powder,bronze to contour & blush)

The result are beautiful and very 'fresh faced' it leaves my skin feeling/looking really healthy and natural however im not sure something this creamy will agree with my oily skin and im curious about the longevity of the product as i only just tried it out! i will report back with a review once i've tried it for a few days

I have to say i am really pleased with everything i bought, i love everything that LUSH represents and the concept behind the brand is refreshing as is their customer service they have gained a regular customer with me ,i will definitely be back to try some more of their products , next in line are their bath melts and bombs they smell so delicious! Even the scent of my haul bag smells fab!

Super excited about finally getting stuck in with this brand! feel free to comment any recommendations or suggestions! 

Hope you enjoyed the post and see you here again soon!

With Love