Saturday, 28 January 2012

A Little Carmex Obsession

Hey Guys!

So im sure i've mentioned this before..i adore the carmex lip care brand but the main issue i have always had is that :

1. The pot variety always gets under my nails especially if i have gels on or iv grown my own out which is so troublesome and messy.

2. The tube variety is leave it in your pocket for a while too long and it melts resulting in too much product coming out and potentially a massive attractive carmex blob on your lip .Hot stuff!

So i was browsing fragrance direct one day and came across this beauty and at first sight fell in love and swore it had to be mine!

I love subtle tinted lip colours and love carmex so the idea of two coming together as one is magical in my eyes haha! 

BUT then after close inspection it came to my attention that this product is near £5 for a mere 2g of product.
Just to give you an idea the original pots are 7.5 g and the squeezy tubes are 10, this to me frankly just didnt seem worth it and to be honest i like the tingle of the original product so i went on a hunt ! I came to the conclusion if they sell a tinted balm stick variety they surely should do sticks of the original?

After a lot of searching in what feels like every boots and superdrug i knew, i gave up, pursued an online search and finally found them. I ordered a 3-pack from ebay at only £5.99 (4.25 g each)

I love these they are super convenient and a lot more practical. No messy finger applications, no melting .perfect!

Now im fully aware you all wont be as excited about my find as me but i thought to share it anyways as this is a find im really happy with!

What are your favourite lip balms? have any brands that you swear by or do you really not mind? ,would love to hear your views and any suggestions!

Hope you enjoyed the post ,see you back soon!
With Love
Gina xox

Monday, 23 January 2012

Fräulein3°8 Concealer Palette

Hey girls , this is another Fräulein product review as im really liking the brand at the moment, this time its their concealer palette!

The exterior is identical to they're eyeshadow palette's . Sleek and black i would be happy to whip this out of my kit as i think it looks very professional!

The palette includes 15 shades varying from corrective shades and highlights to warm and cool based concealing tones from fair to dark. Darker/medium shades which could also be useful as contouring colours aswel!
(excuse the grubbiness , i do use this palette often , i didn't want to review it before giving it a go for a good while!)

Here i've included a few swatches of random colours just so you can see at just how heavily pigmented they are i would say the coverage is similar to that of mac's studio finish concealer and laura merciers secret camouflage!

I love the lighter shades for adding highlight and contour under the eyes and brow bone and one thing that i am really impressed about is it does not crease!! this is like THE most problematic issue to tackle with under eye concealing and this product works great its goes on matte yet creamy but more so matte and i believe thats what keeps it in place!

Coverage is great i would say medium to full and very buildable.

I haven't tried the corrective colours apart from the yellow as the concealers conceal well enough for me to have never felt the need to use them as wel.

Overall i think this is a fantastic product at under £10 its amazing value for money yet doesn't compromise on quality!

I also managed to find this at an unbelievable price on amazon which is half of what i paid im going to order another right now haha 

Hope you enjoyed the post and hope to see you here again soon
With love
Gina xox

Friday, 20 January 2012

Kreative Blogger Award

Recently i was pleasantly surprised to learn i had won a kreative blogger award by the lovely Becky, find her here : beautiful best and the rest.

Its always lovely to receive praise and recognition for your blog as most people don't understand just how much effort really goes into one, i am genuinely happy and grateful as it makes all the effort feel worth it!

What happens now:

  • Link the person who gave you the award   
  • Answer the questions below                        
  • Nominate 10 bloggers and let them know
  • Share 7 facts about yourself

  1. What is your favourite song? 
    At the moment im really loving Rihanna's and The Weeknd's new albums/mixtapes i dont have any favourite songs as i often have my iphone on constant shuffle i love a variety of sounds.

  2. Name your Favourite Dessert? 
    Ooooo now this is a hard one! hmm i love the chocolate mousse desert at strada! (so much so i even blogged bout it!) I love pretty much every desert on the planet i have such a big sweet tooth !

  3. What ticks you off?
    Possibly the only thing that will annoy me is disrespect, i am so bubbly and friendly all the time that when someone is rude unnecessarily/for no reason at all i take it to heart and get really annoyed, it is something i will not tolerate!
    Life is too short to surround yourself with negative people.

  4. When I am upset I... 
    Eat some chocolate ,have a tea and usually soak in a relaxing bath with a facemask on..that usually does the trick :)

  5. Favourite pet? 
    My late Guinea Pig that sadly passed away due to old age, he was the cutest thing ever with his little quiff whole family shed a tear :( (yes i made him a jumper haha!!)

    I also have a rabbit ,fish and a budgie my budge is lovely i would say i like the rabbit but he's my sister's and doesn't seem to be too fond of me if the nibble/scratch marks on my arms are anything to go by!

    And my fish...well they dont remember where they are every other second so i doubt they care haha

  6. Black or white?
    White as i feel it compliments my olive complexion and i've always thought it brightens your complexion and mood!

  7. What is your biggest fear? 
    Well let me think sharks, spiders, zombies...the usual

  8. What is your everyday attitude? 
    Copied and pasted this from my twitter and facebook bio these are all my own words
    I live everyday with a smile on my face,theres no better way to live life. The world would be lost without literature & music
    Says it all really; smile because someone out there always has it worse then you, never lose sight of your dreams, never settle for second best, never underestimate your capabilities, aim further then your reach because even if you cant get to it now...the ladder is not going to get itself out for you.

  9. What is perfection? 
    Perfection to me is having a busy productive day doing something i love to do as i hate wasting my days at home, then spending good quality time with friends after.

  10. What is your guilty pleasure? 
    I shop far too much i love discovering new products and trying new things out.

Random facts about me 
  • First impressions of me are almost 100% inaccurate. 
  • I live in central london <3
  • I have a scar in my right eyebrow that everyone thinks i shave in like a chav haha!
  • I left London College of Fashion as i couldn't put up with the pretentious atmosphere & people..dont regret it.
  • I am interested in anything creative having trained in dance, drama, art, tailoring .
  • I love to read i have 3 bookcases in my room full of books iv collection is on going.
  • According to my boyfriend i sound posh...i prefer to call it well spoken :)

My nominations, these are the blogs I love reading most:

Hope you enjoyed the post, take care.
the colours in this post are all mixed up it means nothing..just that the editor is poop!

With Love 

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Fräulein3°8 Eye Shadow / Blush Palette

After what literally felt like months waiting for this (was only really a few days hehe)  i finally received my palettes to go with my new brushes!

Here are a few snaps so u can get a good view of them! the flash does wash some of the colours out :(

Heres how it came packaged with also front and back views, i love the sleek black casing it looks very professional 

Inside there are 3 compartments consisting of two trays of eyeshadows ranging from bright colours,neutrals , shimmers, matte's and also marble shadows. 
Then a tray of blushes and contour/highlight colours.

Each tray is protected individually by a sheet of plastic.

Here's a look at the first tray...

Here is a closer look at the marble colours...(you can also make out the gorgeous colouring of some of the shimmers!)

heres how a few of the colours swatch, i was pleasantly surprised with just how pigmented they were considering the price!

Now on to the second tray...

This tray is more pastel with a few brights and a nice selection of browns and neutrals.


Lastly the blush tray, this has a gorgeous array of subtle pastel blushes to shimmers and matte colours it also includes  what looks like contour colours and a yellow based and white/light shimmer highlight.
I have my eye on the peach colour looks great with olive skintones, a little goes a long long way!


Just to finish the post my excitement of receiving this i did a quick light handed smokey eye with a few of the neutral colours, hope you like!

The eyeshadow + blush combo can be found on ebay however if you just want to try the 120 eyeshadow palette i've included a link below (click on picture to view and buy)

Next palette i have my eye on is the neutral! larger sized shadows only one tray but i reckon i would get more use out of this one:

I have to say im very pleased with the purchase i was so surprised with the level of pigmentation and the blushes will definitely come in handy such a large array or gorgeous colours i cant wait to create an endless amount of looks to come!

Hope you enjoyed the post let me know what you think, 

With Love

Friday, 13 January 2012

Mini Haul - Various Haircare/Beauty Products

Hey guys,
So once again im back with a mini haul, this time its mostly haircare products.
I finally received my package from Fragrance Direct in the post and here are the items i ordered (minus vo5 spray - bought in superdrug)

A new hair care range im trying out called 'osmo' i picked the Extreme Volume kit , this smells so gorgeous i haven't used it yet but after a couple weeks use i shall let you know how it goes! The kit retails under £10 at £8.99 so great value you receive 3 items in the box (Small description included found on bottle) :

  • Osmo Extreme Volume Shampoo 350ml
Amino acids give strength and volume to lifeless, fly away hair, while panthenol gives a glowing healthy shine. The lightweight formula is full of essentials oils leaving you with soft, manageable hair that is hydrated from root to tip.
  • Osmo Extreme Volume Conditioner 350ml
Amino acids give strength and volume while panthenol gives a glowing healthy shine. The lightweight formula is full of essentials oils leaving you with soft, manageable hair that is hydrated from root to tip. For best results use after Osmo Essence Extreme Volume Shampoo.
  • Osmo Extreme Volume Thickening Creme 150ml
Light weight thickening creme to add instant volume and texture during the styling process. For extreme volume, partially dry hair then massage product into roots, complete blow dry with a large around brush for full bodies, healthy finish. 

I also bought an Intensive Deep Repair Mask from the range which feels rich and creamy; I'm really looking forward to using it trying these all out!!

Next up is the Maybelline pulse perfection vibrating, i bought this at only £5 i honestly didn't expect much ,just needed a replacement for my finished mascara. I am so pleased and excited about this purchase because it works fantastically i really hope the site doesn't discontinue it because its a fabulous mascara at an unbelievable price!!

Close up to the close up lol:

This is only after one application the length and volume is insane already its very buildable after i took this initial photo (out of excitement) i did then layer it and dare i say i like it more then my maxfactor false lash effect!! 

It separares the lashes a lot better and just widens your eye up i do believe the vibrating aspect really helps because i did no wiggling with the wand and still got amazing results!

This is a definite repurchase! AND i found it on amazon even cheaper!!..thank me later :)
(click on image to buy - £3.99)

Last but definitely not least is the Vo5 Plump it up volumising spritz.
I used this just today and i really like it!
Lightly spritzed firstly mainly concentrated at my roots as thats where i want the most volume then through the lengths of my hair, it gives a significant amount of volume and doubles up as a heat protectant.
I also noticed a big improvement in the feel and definition of curls in my hair, it made styling easier and held my curls longer!
I can also vouch for the taming claim as this really leaves your hair looking smoother id usually put a curl creme through my ends to make my curls look more defined and tame any flyaways but thats not needed with this product so all in all im pleased with my purchase :)

Hope you enjoyed this post and see you here again soon!

With Love
Gina xox

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Fraulein 38 Brush Set

So girls i came home to finally find my new brush set had arrived and i have to say im super pleased with them they're really lovely and soft!

The leather wrap is gorgeous and professional looking its great if your looking for an affordable start to your make up artist kit or just want a large array of brushes for personal use!

I took a few pictures for you girls to get a closer look:

All the brushes arrived in protective plastic cases (which i removed) the larger brushes came with an additional protective thick plastic top which can be easily slid on and off to keep the brushes extra safe and hold their shape possibly?

Once you open the wrap each brush has its own snug little compartment and theres a lovely leather flap to further protect your brushes.

Like i said for those who are just starting out and cant afford to fork out for mac's /bobby brown etc brushes this set is truly lovely and amazing value for money!

Here is a closer view of the brushes not sure if you can make out the quality of the brushes but im really impressed!:

The sets come in a variety of colours and numbers of brushes from 8-32 i believe i was tempted to get the 32 but thought i honestly didn't need that many haha and it was only available in black where as i prefer the wooden look of this set, really reminds me of a couple bobby brown brushes i have for not even a fraction of the price! The entire set comes at under £20 which is what you'd expect to pay for one brush usually!

Here is a link to purchase them if you're interested both 32 and 21 set:

If you want my exact ones have a browse around on ebay for the light wooden one's 
(24 piece set) If i enjoy these enough i may have a look at the 32 and include these in a blog give away but this is already a whole load of brushes haha!

Hope you enjoyed the post and found this useful! let me know your experiences with these if you have a set of your own!

Hope to see you here again soon
With Love

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Mini haul - Superdrug

So for those of you that follow me on twitter know i am a loyal superdrug visitor haha i recently (about 2 weeks ago) went and bought a little skincare haul so heres a quick post showing you what i purchased!

A few are repurchases , being the garnier skincare and the biore nose strips .

The Garnier range really works well with my oily skin and hasn't let me down in a long while so these have always got a permanent place on my bathroom shelf, to be completely honest i never buy the biore strips full price i think £8 is a ridiculously extortionate price so im lucky to always catch them on a half price promotion!

A few new purchases also, i love my cherry carmex it smells devine and really does wonders for my lips but for those of you who have this its a pain putting on with long nails and the tube version melts and gets messy so i wanted a quick to apply balm,the tint being a bonus!

It looks glittery on the stick but applies really subtly yet beautifully .gorgeous and natural but i think i miss the tingle of my good ol' carmex. I have just found out that carmex does the exact equivalent of this carmex in a balm is what i have been waiting for ,deffo ordering that!

Next is the Simple Moisture Boost i really like this product i bought it at only £4 and as i only use powder mineral make up this really helps add a dewy look and rid  your face of the 'powdery' look. When used at the end of the day it really refreshes your make up resulting in not needing to re apply as much! Win Win!

Lastly is The Beauty Parlour's eye eye captain 

With a roller ball application its really comfortable on the eye area.

It applies clear and feels super refreshing semi cold + tingly which is perfect for tired mornings it really freshens up the area and after approx 2 weeks use day and night i have definitely noticed an improvement in the treatment of circles but i really would like to wait at least a month before far however i really like this product i would buy it purely for the cooling and moisturizing effect alone because its a truly a god send in the morning !

So guys thats it i hope you found this insightful , see you here again soon!
With Love

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Lumiere Mineral Cosmetics - Review

Recently i was kindly sent a mineral make up sample set by Lumiere cosmetics , a mineral make up brand situated in the united states.

As a huge mineral fan i am no stranger to mineral make up and use them on an everyday basis,I was more then obliged to test them out as having oily skin purely powder based products is really my preference in make up.

I was sent quite a few products 7 samples in total:

I was sent 2 foundation shades :

  • Medium Deep Warm
  • Medium Deep
I have naturally olive based Mediterranean skin so the medium deep suits me perfectly without a trace, i could easily use the medium deep warm in the summer or when i tan but it is a little bit too pink based for my undertones.

I tend to use a lighter foundation anyway because i prefere to then contour/ put bronzer on the outer edges on my face as opposed to putting a dark foundation all over as i personally dont think thats very flattering.

The foundation is lovely and light very finely milled its sheerer than my usual mineral foundation which can be seen in both a positive and a negative way. because for those who do not need a lot of coverage this looks beautifully natural however for those that dont maybe it wont give the desired coverage it seems to be very buildable ,as it is so fine it doesn't look cakey at all which is a plus!

I would team this up with my simple face spray if i was aiming for a dewy look. The spray is a great product in general for refreshing your make up and completely getting rid of the powdery effect after you set your make up.

Next onto the blushes i was sent 2 in total:
  • Terra Cotta
  • Earth

Terra cotta is a beautiful blush i really love it ,looks super natural and i feel really compliments my skin tone i would definitely consider purchasing this.
The blush has the smallest amount of shimmer(not sure if you can make it out in the picture) nothing glittery just gives a dewy illusion on the skin.
It is also very pigmented so you only honestly need the teeniest amount, which is great because at least you know it will last!

Earth is a darker richer pinky brown , a little too dark for me , i would describe it more as a bronzer anyway, it has no shimmer and i actually used it as a contour for my cheeks it proved to work really well for that!
It could also even be used as an eyeshadow for a little pop of colour!

Finally onto the Eye Pigments:
  • Ditto
  • Bon Bon
  • Dark Chocolate

I adore these shadows!
They are super pigmented and look lovely Ditto and Bon Bon compliment each other perfectly and if used with a wet angled brush Dark Chocolate could be used as an eyeliner/definer.

Ditto is a light peachy nude colour (i think the flash washed the swatch colouring out) it is very shimmery but not over powering i can see it being a lovely colour to use in the summer,as a highlight under the brow bone and cheekbones or in the inner corners of the eye. Would look gorgeous on tanned skin particularly !

Bon Bon is a medium semi-shimmery brown colour with a lovely 'sheen' to it, perfect for the corners of the eye lid or even as an all over everyday colour applied sparingly as the shadows are all very pigmented!

Lastly Dark Chocolate a very dark brown almost black shadow if layered.
Would be good as a crease colour and an eyeliner on both upper and lower lashlines.
Either dry (beware of the fallout) or wet for a more defined yet still soft lined look.
Next to no shimmer in this one just a gorgeous rich deep brown! Perfect for an intense smokey eye!

Here is the look i created with these products:

I used the lighter of the two foundations being Medium deep.

As i wasn't sent a concealer i concealed my eyes as normal with mac studio sculpt concealer then set with my everyday minerals in intensive medium.

I then Contoured my cheekbones with a small amount of the medium deep warm.

I used a small amount of bon bon all over the lid and ditto at the inner corners and as a highlight under my brow bone.
Then dark chocolate as a liner on both lashlines later smudged lightly with my finger to blend any harsh lines.

For the blush i decided to choose terra cotta just applied on the apples of my cheeks.
It is very pigmented so i would really recommend only using the smallest amount and tap off the excess before applying.

Finally for my lips i used my Maybelline moisture plus lipstick in 742 Luminous Beige topped off with a nude gloss from No7.

I hope you all enjoyed this review and the look, if you have bought from lumiere before i would love to hear your thoughts!
I will be updating this soon to let you know about the wear of the foundation iv worn it all day today and it still looks lovely but either way i shall let you know !

Hope to see you all here again soon,
With Love