Friday, 30 December 2011

Festive Christmas FOTD

This post is a few days late i know!

Here is a quick look at my FOTD for Christmas and also my Hair ..which i recently just got highlighted at Gina Conway have to say best experience ever, amazing customer service and complimentary massages while you wait i deffo recommend the place if you want to treat yourself! It is pricey around £160 for a full head with a senior stylist but that obviously depends on the level of stylist you pick, lower level=cheaper but either way im a happy customer!

Here are the products i used :

Listed here are the products i used shown above - click to buy (i have tried to find the cheapest prices online for these products so enjoy the saving!)

1) Everyday minerals my Base shade is Olive medium
(flash makes me look a lot lighter here so please dont use it as a reference!) 

2) Everyday minerals Concealer shade: Intensive Medium (under eyes and eyelids only)

3) Sleek Contour Kit in: Medium

4) Mac studio fix concealer in nc30 (under and around eyes)

5) 2True Liquid liner: Black

6) Beauty Uk Baked blush colour: Royal Rose (apples of cheeks)

7) Maxfactor Falsh Lash Effect mascara in brown/black

8) YSL Touche Eclat shade 3

9) Vital Radiance Brow fill in powder in shade 04 Brunette

10) 2true bronzer shade 2 (outer edges of face only)

11) Barry M Super Soft eyeliner in Brown (lower lash line)

12) Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss in Gleaming Mocha

The main focus with this look were the lined eyes and statement Berry Lip everything else i kept light and understated.

My hair:

For this look it literally only took around 5 minutes all i did was back comb the hair from the crown up until just before my fringe smoothed down the top then bobby pined the hair in place at the back either side like so:

(Green: Flower clip / purple: positioning of bobby pins)

After i curled the ends of my hair and fringe to give my hair a bit more shape,then a little spray of elnette and i was good to go!

I hope you enjoyed the post and most importantly your christmas' !
With love

Monday, 26 December 2011

Ahhh!!! Get that thing off my face!

Im sure all of us have found ourselves in situations where we have a really important occasion be it a birthday or party and a delightful little brat surprise decides to grow on our face! 

Now, i personally absolutely hate ...with a passion putting make up on spots, i feel like it makes my face feel so dirty and greasy and that putting make up on the breakout will make it worse leading it to grow to unheavanly proportions!

So here are just a few of my personal rituals that i uh ..perform when i want to deal with a break out fast.

First things first here is my little check list of spot busting products:

  • Pure 100% Tea Tree oil - Can be bought in superdrug under their own tea tree range for £2.99
  • Garnier Pure 3 in 1 Mask,Wash & Scrub
  • Facial Steamer - Product varies in price depending on brand and technical features preferences, i bought mine in Argos for only £9.99
  • Sudocrem
  • Garnier pure active toner
(Images above are pictures of the actual exact products i use)

Now obviously these are my personal preferred products that work very well with my skin but you can substitute for example the toner and face mask i use for your own preferred brand.

First step wash your face thoroughly, make sure there is no make up, dirt etc on your face and steam your face for approx 10 minutes.
(If you dont have a facial steamer alternatively you can boil some water in your kettle and pour it into a bowl. Place it on a table and hold your head over the bowl with a towel on your head to stop any steam escaping- this has the same effect as a steamer)

After you have finished steaming your face rinse your face with warm water. The idea now is that you quickly pop on your face mask whilst your pores are still open from the heat of the steam and let the mask do its job until completely dry.

I personally have found that masks and especially nose strips work much better after you have steamed your face as your pores have been opened up before hand using the steam so it can penetrate deeper into your skin making the treatment a lot more effective in my eyes.

After you have rinsed your mask off apply your toner and then once thats dry apply a thin layer of sudocrem all over your face and there you go technique number 1 is complete!

Sudocrem is a lifesaver, so if you dont have the time to do the steaming and mask at least try the sudocrem because it really helps your skin fight the breakout and makes a significant difference over night.

Remember to lay a towel down over your pillow as the sudocrem is thick and you dont want it rubbing off on your pillow case.
Try to sleep front facing as long as you can handle so it has time to work its magic without rubbing off! unless you have the day off and dont mind lazing around around the house all day with it on !

My second technique is the same as above minus the mask if i dont have time for that i apply the tea tree oil on a cotton pad and onto the breakout area.
As it is 100% please dont do this all the time as its very strong and with extensive regular practice will dry out your skin thats why i only use it when i have a particularly bad spot and want it gone fast! 

Team that up with the sudocrem and that will surely have the breakout significantly better by the next morning ,repeat treatment until the break out is 'flattened'.

So there are my SOS tips on emergency skin care i hope it helps and that you enjoyed the post! 
If you try any of this and it works for you i really do like to hear about it, theres nothing better than hearing my advice has actually helped someone!

With Love

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Tanning Tips & Application

So following on from my recent St.Moriz Review i promised a further post on application and tips .

Self tanning should look natural that is my first and most important (obvious) statement, no one wants to be asked what self tan they use you want people to think you have gone away, this in my eyes is a sign that you are doing it right!

Secondly i will start off by talking about tan intensities, it is very important to understand what tan intensity will suit your features as the wrong shade is one of the most obvious give aways that you self tan, i understand sometimes its hard not to get carried away and although most of us dream to be exotic golden goddesses...for some of us it just really isnt a look that can be pulled off...naturally, for some of us going au naturel in terms of skin tone really is the best and most flattering option! (see examples)...and if you really dont care about whether you look like a TOWIE reject then this post...and this blog isnt for you.

Here are examples of what i mean by tan 'intensities' suiting different ethnic features:

Nicola Roberts. Her look is very 'Caucasian' ,Possibly describe her as having english rose type features.

This is Nicola in her early Girls Aloud Days where she subdued to the pressures of tanning to look like her fellow band mates
In my opinion this tone doesn't really suit her features it looks really unnatural and makes her eyebrows look almost non existent.

Her natural colour ...

Her face instantly looks brightened up her features look softer and her skin tone really suits her eye and hair colour now.

Here is another example using Christina Aguillera, again the paler complexion really flatters her features and even makes her nose look smaller and makes her eyes stand out.

So as you can see it is very important to carefully select your intensity in relation to your features, don't be scared to look paler as not everyone suits a dark tan or even a tan at all!

In terms of application this is my fool proof way of applying self tanner, i have never gone wrong with this and have developed this process over years of trial and error!

Firstly: Things you will need

  • A Thick/Rich moisturiser . I would recommend Nivea creme, or (my new fav): Astral All over Moisturiser
  • Tanning Mitt
  • Back Scrub Brush
  • Hair Band

Take your moisturizer and apply to dry area's  such as :

  • Feet
  • Knee's
  • Elbow's
  • Under Arm's (Arm Pit's) & also area where top of arm joins upper torso as this area tends to collect a lot of build up.
I took it upon myself to show you a little demonstration of where the cream should be applied on the highlighted areas of this lovely picture of an old 1950'3 barbie! ha

After Moisturizing these area's, the thick moisturizer should sit on your skin longer then a regular lotion so should provide a sufficient barrier when tanning protecting these dry from becoming over pigmented with your self tanner of choice!

After the prepping :on to the tanning! Get your hands on your favourite mitt and apply as normal i usually do 2 pumps per area ie: bottom legs, thighs , stomach, entire arms etc as i like my tan to be fairly dark as i cannot be bothered to go through all this hassle for a 'little' glow!

Using only the residue to go over the feet or the teeniest pump the size of a peach stone and blend well , your skin should still be moist from the cream so work with blending the tan together with that .

After blend a tiny amount of moisturizer again over the 'dry bits' to truly dilute the colour down on these areas .

After you have done that grab your Back Scrub Brush and pop your tanning mit on the end of it (bristles and mitt front facing) then cut your Hair band so its just one long string and now tie the end of the mitt so its now securely attached to the Brush.
See demo pic:

...please ignore the grubby state of my mitt haha its loved and used on a regular basis!

Use this new cool tool i invented haha to get the hard to reach back areas carefully blending away infront of a mirror to make sure there are no streaks!

After all that you then wash your hands and carefully dry them. 
This removes all tanning product that may have found its way onto your hands, you should be left with a visible line from where you've washed your hands to your tanned arms blend this with your moisturizer then proceed to moisturize hands also 
(not to heavily!)
Now take a teeny amount of product and blend onto hands well make sure u get in-between all fingers (red area) then do a fist and go over ur fingers (blue areas) as usually this area gets streaks if you just apply it with a straight stretched out hand! Tanners will understand what i mean!
See demo pic:

And your DONE! now stick some loose clothes on or sleep in a bath robe and lay a towel down if you dont want to stain your sheets or not if you dont mind washing them the next day!
This gives your tan the whole night to develop and then you can just get in the shower and gently soap off the colour guide with a sponge/loofah.

Be sure to moisturize regularly or at least the day after youve tanned ie. the day you wash off the guide as this will help the tan last longer and ensure it doesnt go scaley!

I went into as much detail about my technique as possible so i really hope this helps you all! hope you enjoyed the post!

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With Love