Friday, 25 November 2011

St.Moriz - Dark Tanning Mousse

I shall start this post by pointing out this has a permanent home on my 'Tanning' shelf.

I have re-bought this self tan so many times because it delivers, i can trust it to work and it is super £2.99 there is literally nothing to lose, you can try this just for the sake of it, without a second thought about it hurting your bank balance.

I first discovered this tan possibly 2 years ago, last year i really dibbled and dabbled ,tried both the Original & Dark shade, I also ordered the lotion a few times now and it(the brand) has never failed to impress me.
The colour is gorgeous, golden yet in no way orange it has olive undertones to ensure you dont end up with a nuclear glow commonly associated with self tans.

It is also both realistic and buildable and in my opinion a very convincing tan, i have never been asked if i use self tan with this product i have been the one to tell them'...its actually self tan' *insert wink* haha.

After such a long time of working with this product i have found a virtually fool proof way of applying this perfectly stay tuned for a tutorial...onto the review:

Colour guide:

As you can see from the swatches the 'Dark' has a considerably deeper colour where as with the original is light enough to viably see the olive undertones.

When i used to use the original (before the Dark was released) to achieve the desired my personal desired shade i would have to reapply 2 times which was laborious to say the least so i rarely kept up with the tanning ritual.

Here are my before and after pictures after one application of the Dark mousse:

However with the Dark being introduced into my life by the lovely St.Moriz team i now only have to apply once a week..twice sometimes...only when i want a really lovely deep colour which i feel suits my Mediterranean features.

Having said that is very important to know when to stop when it comes to self tan, know your limit, be aware of what shade will suit you not necesarily what shade you want to be.
For example a mahogany deep tan will not necessarily suit a girl with delicate Caucasian features. Being aware of this factor also ensures that your tan looks as realistic and as undetectable as possible! 

I will be writing another post on Self tan application and general tips, there will also be a section on suitable tan levels in relation to ethnic origin and facial features so stay tuned for that!

Hope you enjoyed the review!
With Love 
Gina xox

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Ouch! Repair my talons..

Every once in a while those nails that us girls cherish so dearly can split, crack, break and tear; rendering those last few weeks we spent growing them pointless!

So here I have compiled a few tips and a mini tutorial on nail repair! -
Specifically targeted at those side tears that then cause us to cut down that nail...and all of the rest resulting in us starting the growing process from scratch! *sigh*

So using only products and things you should already have in your beauty..and kitchen cupboards here is your check list:
  • Tea bag
  • Scissors
  • Nail strengthener/ Nail glue. (Strengthener preferably)
  • Tweezers
Alternatively i bought this calcium nail extension kit from Superdrug priced around £8 if i remember correctly.
I originally bought this to obviously do extensions myself, but since i am trying to grow the damage out from having my nails done professionally, i am using the gel alone for nail repairs.

As the gel dries almost instantly and strengthens your nail at the same time,i think its great for nail repairs. This product i will vouch for as i have used it before and was honestly surprised that after removal my nails were in better condition then before..when usually with false nails the case is quite the opposite!
Dont worry if you dont have this product, like i said strengthener will suffice, there is no real need to go out and buy this purely for repairs, only if you want to!

Moving back on topic onto the nail repair tutorial..

First take your tea bag ...

Empty the contents and cut the very top of it in a straight line like so..
Then open the teabag up so it is just one sheet of thin paper and cut a section to the necessary size depending on the tear...hold it up against the nail and trim if necessary...   



Once you have the desired size firstly paint a thin layer of strengthener onto the nail and carefully place the section down with your tweezers,finish off with another coat of strengthener on top...this should make the section become transparent and blend in with your nail also 'gluing' and securing it on top of the nail...

Next you file away the edges of the unwanted parts of the section to fit the style and shape of your nail tips...

Voila! Finished! After shaping and filing, the repair is barely visible, now you can either paint over this with nail polish or leave it clear...

Now all that is left to do is wait! The repair will hold the nail together preventing it from catching on clothes and hair without having to cut the nail down!
Once the tear has grown out enough you can then remove the repair with regular nail polish remover!

Note: If you are planning on repainting your nails you will have to re-do this repair as it will come off with nail polish remover. 
Alternatively you may use Nail Glue to do the repair in place of the strengthener and use Acetone free nail polish remover whenever you want to change your polish and it should stay in place without re-application.

I hope you enjoyed reading this tutorial and found it helpfull!
Please feel free to comment for advice/help and follow if you enjoy my blog,thankyou =)

With Love
Gina xox

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Hair Care & Hair Growth Tips

Hair is possibly one of the most important things to a woman so much so as fashion,skincare, make up...with great hair you can go from feeling plain Jane to fabulous! 

Your hair is actually a Dead protein. By the time it reaches your shoulders it is already 2 years old so think of all the damage and heat that same section of hair has to put up with!

Average hair growth is approximately 1/2 inch a month depending on the person this may vary more or less.

There is no doubt it can make a huge impact on one's self esteem so here are a few tips that can help you keep your mane in tip top condition and even possibly promote and stimulate hair growth!

Firstly the obvious thing to consider is your Diet make sure you are eating healthily and if you feel you maybe not getting all the vitamins you need invest in a good multivitamin as there is no better way to strengthen and improve the condition of your hair then from within.


I personally take skin, hair and nail tablets found in any major drugstore such as Boots and Superdrug, the main brand you will come across is Perfectil.
However i have also come across a cheaper alternative that i am trying at the moment Superdrug - Skin,Hair & Nails (linked) which is worth a try, last time i saw them they were on a 2 for £8 deal or alternatively it is retailed at £5 per box - This comes with a month's supply ,once a day.

Holland & Barret - Skin,Hair & Nails (linked) are to be taken 3 times a day and are slightly more expensive for 60 tablets, i personally cant be bothered to remember to take a pill 3 times a day so opted for the once a day variety. However i know a few people that have tried this particular supplement and i for myself have seen the great results!

Fish Oil - Omega 3 Tablets: Fish Oil tablets have numerous health benefits so its a win win with this supplement, A deficiency of omega-3 can result in dull, lifeless and unhealthy looking hair which can slow the hairs rate of growth. 
Fish Oil supplements help nourish your hair and provides essential nutrients helping the hair from within the follicles leaving it shinier and strengthened. 
Noticeable differences should be noticed after approx 2 months to even just a few weeks with some people if taken religiously. You will also notice a considerable improvement in your nails (alot sooner then with your hair) as your nails have a much faster growth rate. 

You can purchase Fish oil/ (cod liver oil) /omega- 3 tablets from every major pharmacy and supermarket prices are around £5 and bellow

BiotinIs part of the vitamin B family. A popular and well known supplement for hair.It will essentially improve the health and strength of your hair and help prevent hair loss; healthy hair has more of a chance of growing at its full potential growth rate. 
Biotin is not absorbed well through the skin so don't be fooled by shampoo's claiming to include biotin in the formula the best way to take this supplement is orally.

Biotin is available at Holland & Barret priced at £4.35 for 100 tablets. once daily. > Link <

Hot Oil Treatments: I personally have had a good experience with hot oil treatments ,a particular favourite of mine are the Vo5 Hot Oil treatment range found in all major pharmacies.

The treatment take only 1 minute! and i can vouch myself that it works you hair instantly feels softer and smoother as your washing this out you should follow this treatment with shampoo and conditioner.

Olive Oil is also great for hair you can use extra virgin olive oil as an intensive overnight or hour treatment on your hair, briefly heat up the oil in the microwave so it is warm (the heat is essential for the treatment to work at its best) then comb and massage it into the lengths of your hair. Aim to do this treatment at least once a week for noticeable results.

Castor Oil was recommended to me by my eyebrow lady although i had already researched and heard about it, hearing the recommendation from a professional reassured me further it is super thick and takes ages to get single drops out of the bottle! So i would recommend maybe mixing this with olive oil to make it easier to apply! 
I do definitely recommend this oil as i did an experiment a while back and with religious use along my hair line this did make a significant difference to the growth and length of my baby hairs and also my eyebrows and eyelashes!

General Tips
  • Use Heat Protection Spray when heat styling your hair - This tip speaks for itself yet is always overlooked!
  • Limit heat styling as much as possible, explore ways to style your hair without heat such as sleeping with plated hair for waves in the morning or sleeping with a bun at the very top of your head for soft spiraling ends.
  • Eliminate or try to limit the amount of caffeine and carbonated drinks you consume
  •  Let Your hair Air Dry as much as possible every time you wash your hair - limiting heat damage.
  •  Don't  brush or comb your hair when wet, it is at its most fragile state when wet so instead comb any knots out prior to washing your hair
  •  Try not to wash your hair every day every other day or every third day will suffice remember your hair needs its essential oils, every time you wash your hair you are stripping it of these oils.
  • Avoid Plastic brushes with the little round balled tips as eventually these tips can fall off and the raw edge of the plastic can harm your hair.Alternatively use a natural bristle brush.
  • When Conditioning treat yourself to a little head massage; increasing blood circulation to your scalp.
  •  Keep your ends trimmed this obviously cuts off split ends which prevents them from traveling up the strand..and yes is will keep traveling if you dont cut it off!
  • Briefly 'cold rinsing'  your hair will add instant shine as just like when you wash your face with cold water it seals the cuticle leaving it with a smoother,shinier surface that reflects light .
  • If you colour your hair try to recolour as infrequently as you can handle, alternatively try  balayage highlights - a style that doesnt show right at the roots and regrowth is not as noticable as foils! This look is also bang on trend!

The die is 'painted' on free hand where the stylists thinks it would flatter you most so instead of blatant strips you get hair that looks like its been sun-kissed and lightened by the sun!
  •  Rose water - Pour into a spray bottle , part your hair ,spritz and massage onto your scalp, this soothes your scalp, stimulates blood flow and helps improve the condition and thickness of your hair!
  •  Good Foods for your hair include: Fish, Eggs, Yogurt and soy.

Quick List Of My Recommended Products:
  • Vo5 Hot oil treatment capsules. - Packet of 4 - Once a week- 1 minute. £3-5

  • Loreal Elvive Triple Resist Shampoo,Conditioner & Mask - i have these all and love them! instant difference in the texture and shine of my hair definitely back up the claim that it feels stronger!

That is everything i can think of for now! I really hope this helps you guys, i will update this post as i go along and discover new things & Products, so will definately keep you all updated !

With Love
Gina xox

Random - Blogger iPhone App

This is a quick post to tell you all about the blogger iPhone App!
If you haven't already got it get into the AppStore download it and let me know what you think!

I downloaded this App approximately a week ago, even if all your doing is typing up a rough draft, i think its a great way to keep blogging on the go!

Sometimes you cant really be bothered to bring yourself to sit at your laptop/computer for a while and type away or you maybe outdoors and have a random burst of inspiration to write about something whick without the App you may run the risk of later forgetting to write about it! 

So, overall I think it really helps keeping you motivated to blog more as you can sit on your sofa ,on the bus..anywhere and everywhere and just type away!

Like i mentioned before if you have it already let me know what you think if not it's definitely worth a try! 

Screen Shots from my actual phone:

Writing A Post:You can add images both taken instantly or from 'camera roll', you can also add labels

Writing a Post: You can then either Save or Publish

View all your posts on this list then either Edit or Delete them!

Scroll through your own blog in Mobile View, there is also an option to view 'Full Web Version'

I just wanted to do a quick post about it as so far I've really enjoyed using it!
F.Y.I Its absolutely free to download !

With Love
Gina xox

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Colour Me Softly - Collection 2000 CreamPuffs

Recently I was having a browse around Superdrug and I came across these little gems from the Collection 2000 range.

They are described as 'Velvety soft, Matt finish Lip creams'

I picked up a nude called  'Powder Puff'

And also a bright pink - 'Fairy Cake'

I have decided that i love the ones i have so much that i am going to go back down to superdrug and buy them ALL!  =) hehe

I briefly swatched them instore and loved the way the product applied, it comes out a lovely rich, truly matte colour.which you can intensify with multiple layers.

The bright colours in this collection are really vibrant, yet soft , going a lovely definition to the lips; great for everyday use either on it's own or with a little gloss applied on top.I believe the matte aspect of this product aids it's durability as upon application it dries onto your lips.
At £2.99 I didn't actually expect too much but was pleasantly surprised,I used powder puff today with a glossy lipstick on top and even after the lipstick had worn off the lip cream remained on my lips..i have to admit I was definitely impressed to say the least !

I think Powder Puff is definitely a good buy for those girls who like to put foundation/concealer on their lips as it gives the same effect but with a product specified for your lips with a handy wand applicator!

So head down to your local Superdrug even if it's just to swatch them and let me know what you think!
Also if you have them already do comment and share your thoughts and also the colours you chose as well !

With Love
Gina xox

Rescue My Nails Rimmel!

A week ago I started using this nail strengthener as I had used it once before and got amazing results but never recorded it!

I recently went through a faze of always having gel extensions on; it has left my nails sensitive and literally as thin as paper!

Here is the before picture, this is literally a day or two after i had the extensions taken off, 
its almost scary to look at now i didnt realise just how red and sore my nails can even see the patches where the nail technician filed the nail down so much to remove them! Ouch! =(

So... I set out on a hunt for a good nail strengthener that truly delivers, to improve the condition of my own nails instead of constantly having extensions on.

So far so good it has improved the look of my nails substantially I'm still waiting for ridges to grow out but it has definitely made an improvement! See the after picture here:
This is after 2 weeks of treatment, i did trim the nails regularly so this doesn't show just how much it helps your nails grow ,but they did get longer super fast, the last time i used this on healthy nails it made my nails grow approximately 4-5 mm past my finger tip in just 2 weeks!

I am going to continue with the treatment and update this post with another picture to show you what effects this strengthener has on the length of your nails.

For me it's a winner and at under £5 what's there to lose! 

[P.S at the moment superdrug has a 3 for 2 on all cosmetics  so definitely worth picking up a few bits and bobs while the offer is still there]

Hope this helps!
With Love
Gina xox

Friday, 18 November 2011

Versace for H & M

So yesterday was the debut of the much awaited Versace for H & M collaboration!

Many que'd and even camped over night to be the first to get their hands on a small collection donatella designed for the major high street store.

I like to shop in peace and tend to avoid sales and hyped collaborations so i didn't make it down to the opening as the image of girls running punching, pushing and fighting over the collection put me off. I can imagine just how busy H & M's flagship regent street store must have been and that is a situation I'd like to steer clear from.

So..instead i took to the H & M website to have a browse through the collection online.
I loved the presentation of the collection on the site, clearly a lot of time and effort went into the presentation and advertising. my particular favourite was this Film

I have to say there are a few gems in there, here are a few of the items that caught my eye:

Figure hugging 100% silk dress with short sleeves, Gold button detailing

Heavy weight, Knee-length, Front draped dress,Silver mesh-like material- [A Gina FAV]


Short, Figure hugging 100% soft leather dress with golden stud detailing

Short, draped,Glossy Jersey dress with a caped back ,100% Viscose [A Gina FAV]
                                                    £49.99 - Great Price!

Short, pleated 100% silk skirt with gold and silver stud detailing

Sleeveless top made from stretch jersey with gold and silver stud detailing. 100% Cotton.
                                                      £29.99 - Great Price!

 And Last but certainly not least the jacket i have decided that i do not want but NEED  in my life...

Cropped, figure hugging jacket made from 100% soft leather with gold and silver stud detailing,with a gold-coloured zip at the front and cuffs [A Gina FAV]
                                                           £179.99 - MINE!

Let me know your thoughts on the collection, have any of you bought any of the pieces?..if so which ones ? ...All i know for sure is that jacket..has Gina written all over it and will most certainly be mine!

With Love
Gina xox

(All images taken from the H & M website for demonstration purposes only)

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

HG Product Rave! - Ben Nye Setting Spray

First let me start off by saying i am super excited about this product!

I think I have actually found the best thing in the world that actually does what it says on the tin to a Tee and is inexpensive!

Prices range from:
1 floz : £6
2 floz : £7.50
8 floz : £19.10
and lastly a ginormous 16floz : £30.33

(Prices are taken from the only uk based site i found that stocked all sizes.Link Below)

I ordered this a couple months ago and have now become a loyal repurchaser... if thats even a word ha!

  • It makes your make up last all seriously i mean it!
  • Retails at a super affordable price in comparison to most other setting sprays.
  • Has a fresh minty scent ,which some dislike but i personally find lovely and refreshing!
  • Works perfectly in all conditions from humidity to rainy and hot summer days.
  • The nozzle on the original bottle it comes in is be polite. It needs to be replaced and put into a different container with a better nozzle.
  • The scent can be considered unpleasant or a bit strong for some .
  • Do not get this product in or around your eyes it is strong and will irritate the delicate eye area!
  • ...not many cons...i had to think hard to come up with these three ;)
As i mentioned in the cons the original nozzle is awful and distributes the product unevenly, spraying sections of oversaturated product on parts of your face leaving them feeling tight, so please make sure you replace the bottle, they can be purchased pretty much everywhere for literally a pound or two in any drugstore.

I put this in my used urban decay all nighter spray bottle and it seems to come out a lot more evenly from there.

I hold it approximately 10 cm from my face and lightly spritz over my make up.

When I say this holds ur make up all day I mean it's truly amazing! I work in a store that has spotlights and is always humid from the sheer amount of people and body heat so i have truly tested this under intenser then everyday conditions!

It makes the makeup virtually smudge proof ,water proof, transfer proof ..everything proof i noticed a considerable positive difference in the amount of transfer onto clothes (if any)...Yes i did bathe with a full face of make up to check the water proof part haha!

I'm genuinely excited to have discovered this so literally couldnt wait to get on here and tell you girls about my experience!

So girls get online order and see for yourself I have/would never rave about a product unless I truly believed in it and loved it! I would love to hear your experiences with this product as wel!

With Love
Gina xox

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Skincare is in my opinion the most important part of any perfect make up application.

Your skin is the canvas to whatever look you want to create ,for so long women have been on the hunt for the perfect foundation instead of realizing its not the foundation that has to be perfect...but the skin.

Now, i can give you an in depth insight into my skincare regime but with every different type of skin there is a personalized regime out there that you should discover for yourself, i can only recommend products that i personally love and that work for me.
No one understands they're skin better then its wearer so its down to you essentially to know and discover what works for you.

First question to ask yourself...What is my skin type?
I'll outline the brief over view of each basic skin type and you can decide which best applies to you.

Normal Skin
In my opinion the luckiest of them all! *sigh*

Your skin produces no excess levels of oil you rarely break out,your skin overall has both great texture and is smooth, this skin type is the least problematic skin of the types.

With the normal skin type minimal care is acceptable.With no real need for specialized products, a regular over the counter mild skincare range would suffice as there are no real problems to tackle.

Sensitive Skin
This type of skin is very irritable, It can easily break out in a rashes and spots and sometimes reacts aggressively to the wrong product (sore,red,inflamed skin on the affected area) 

Very mild products are recommended for this particular type and its one of the hardest to find a regime for.

Great care is required to not aggravate it, in my opinion this is the most problematic skin type of them all.

Oily Skin 
This type of skin's main problem is shine ,it can easily break out into acne, both severe or mild and is considered one of the problematic types.

The pores are enlarged, the skin appears greasy and will need regular blotting/touch ups when using make up. The excess oil is generally produced all over the face therefor making it prone to breakouts if not treated with the appropriate care.

For example If your someone that applies a matte/powder foundation yet find its turned 'dewy' within an hour or so you probably have this skin type or the next...

 I personally would say this is probably the most common skin type of all the types.

With this type the name speaks for itself , you will generally have two different types of skin within different sections of your face.

The T-Zone area on the face :
*Straight across the forehead and down the center of the face (nose & chin area)*
see picture
The highlighted areas are generally where the excess oil will be produced.

The combination of skin types within this type depends on the individual 
eg of combo's:
oily/normal, dry/oily etc.

Care is needed to treat the different types of skin within the face with the most suited skincare depending on its requirements.

Ie. Keep the dry parts moisturized whilst using oil absorbing products on the oily parts
A favourite moisturizer of mine to help with oil is the Garnier Pure - Shine Control moisturizer.

I Personally fit under the oily skin type my skin care regime is as follows:

Morning Routine:

I wash my face with Superdrug's tea tree foaming face wash most days however
I do switch to Garnier pure 3 in 1, 1-2 times a week as this gives a deeper clean and exfoliates, 

Garnier 3 in 1 particularly helps with shine control as the wash contains extracts of white clay.

I then use Garnier Pure Active Toner all over my face and neck.

Next comes a moisturizer,i use Garnier Pure Shine control moisturizer.

Followed by my primer and make up routine.

Night Routine
Same as Morning except i use a richer moisturizer.

I also occasionally mix my night moisturizer with sudocrem to make sure my skin stays clear. 

This is purely for reassurance even if i don't have a breakout to tackle i feel mixing an antibacterial cream in there will help prevent a breakout from even occurring in the first place.

If i have a particularly troublesome spot/breakout that i need to sort out for an occasion i use 100% tea tree oil all over my face in substitution of my regular toner, this is really strong so definitely not recommended for everyday use, only if you have a special occasion/party.

Here are visual references to all the products i use try them if you wish but remember this is what works for me i have developed this routine purely from trial and error from testing skincare ranges that have cost me from penny's and pounds to hundreds collectively.

I never recommend products that i do not wholeheartedly trust and love so rest assured this post is true to me and honest ,if it helps you in anyway please let me know!

With Love
Gina xxx