Friday, 28 January 2011

Xen Tan Dark Lotion *UPDATED*

Longevity is not as good as expected or claimed it did 'scale' after about 5 days even with regular moisturizing
colour is still okay but towards the end of its stay (on your skin) it does start to have an orange tinge in my opinion and it doesn't fade nicely at all.
so to conclude for its price i am not impressed. i would not repurchase it doesn't come out dark enough and at that price its not something you'd want to have to apply twice just to get a good colour.

After hearing so many positive reviews i was disappointed, it requires a lot more maintenance then stated i wouldn't agree with the once a week claim. In my eyes it just isnt worth that hefty price tag and not really being a fake tan fanatic i lack the motivation to have to religiously apply it.i think just going through the process of applying it *more* then once a week is far too much hassle for my schedule.

I applied St.Moritz to one leg and xen tan to another. same colour,same finish, St.Moritz requires more moisturizing as its a dry mousse and has no moisturizing properties in the formula at all but in my eyes is a much cheaper alternative that gives exactly the same colour .

Any whoooo i hope this review has helped people with their decision on whether to purchase this or not my advice would be..if you have the money to spare and its within your budget why not but if its not and you find yourself having to save to buy this i would recommend St.Moritz instead you can find this at for around £3...yes...really! lol

Keep meaning to upload before and afters but just wanted to update this review as i was a bit mixed feelings on this before and wanted to set the opinion straight!

Original Review: 
Now im not usually keen on fake tan, iv never felt the *need* to be super tanned...but after much deliberation i finally ordered a bottle of this stuff as I had heard so many positive reviews on this i felt i had to try it out for myself and also requests i have received from people wanting my opinion on the product! It retails at about £27-30 in most department stores like House of Fraser or ordered online ( is a good site for getting it a smidge cheaper 8)

After about 3 applications im not in love but neither do i hate it,
As i am naturally olive one coat of this gives me a smidge of colour, enough none the less to stop you feeling on the pale side, two coats and i'm feeling a tad luminous.
On myself i feel like it has leaves a slightly yellow tone which i don't feel looks entirely natural although i am unsure if maybe this is because i picked up a dud bottle, and i also found out today that my body wash has citric acid in it which iv heard affects the colour of the tan so i will definitely give this product a few more goes and update this review accordingly

The colour is more golden then 'brown' ;believable if applied lightly and correctly but not the *perfect* tan colour in my opinion

The smell is in my opinion like cherry coca cola, very sweet and pleasant it doesn't smell too foul after a while but does go a bit 'biscuity' after a while but only a bit.. nowhere near as bad as other tanners

There is a lovely guide colour so it makes it very easy with application and feels like a rich moisturizer so all in all very easy to apply and blend

Having said that i will still happily reach for this and use it until i get through the bottle its not orange or a particularly bad product just not my HG i'm afraid!

This is a brief description of my tanning 'process'
  • Firstly i soak in a bath and make sure i exfoliate properly usually with a scrub and exfoliating mitts *both available at boots/superdrug pick and choose your own favourite brand suiting your budget just make sure it is oil free and doesn't contain any sort of citric acid*
  • I towel dry my body then moisturize my 'dry bits' (or places where i will usually get a build up of product) usually being hands, elbows, knees, feet and ankles i also do my wrists, and a light layer on the entire under arm area (armpit all the way down to the palms) as this place is usually lighter then the top when tanning naturally, you don't want a big contrast in colour from your palms to your wrist and underarm area as this will look unnatural.I will then usually wait about half an hour- an hour after bathing to apply the tan just to make sure i'm completely dry and that the moisturizer has been absorbed
  •  With a tanning mitt i then apply the lotion to my entire body starting with legs then stomach,then arms and finally back area, being careful to ensure you brush over knees and elbows lightly (xen tan have they're own brand mitt or you can purchase one from boots for about £3) i would however not go for the cheapest mitt as you don't want it soaking up all the product! Lastly i do my feet and hands for this i apply more moisturizer to these areas to mix in with the tanning lotion and evenly apply a layer mainly to the tops and brushing over ankles lightly, as for hands ..i again mix the moisturizer with tanning lotion and apply lightly, make sure to get in-between your fingers and clench a fist so u don't get white untanned lines on your knuckles
(If any of you would prefer to see a video showing how i do my feet and hands in particular as i know these are the trickiest parts to do let me know and ill put one up on my you tube channel! )

I exfoliated this morning, will be applying the tan later tonight so before and after pictures will be added tomorrow but for now i hope this review was in depth enough if you have any questions or comments on your experiences with xen tan comment below id love to hear about them :)

Kindest Regards
Gina xox