Friday, 25 November 2011

St.Moriz - Dark Tanning Mousse

I shall start this post by pointing out this has a permanent home on my 'Tanning' shelf.

I have re-bought this self tan so many times because it delivers, i can trust it to work and it is super £2.99 there is literally nothing to lose, you can try this just for the sake of it, without a second thought about it hurting your bank balance.

I first discovered this tan possibly 2 years ago, last year i really dibbled and dabbled ,tried both the Original & Dark shade, I also ordered the lotion a few times now and it(the brand) has never failed to impress me.
The colour is gorgeous, golden yet in no way orange it has olive undertones to ensure you dont end up with a nuclear glow commonly associated with self tans.

It is also both realistic and buildable and in my opinion a very convincing tan, i have never been asked if i use self tan with this product i have been the one to tell them'...its actually self tan' *insert wink* haha.

After such a long time of working with this product i have found a virtually fool proof way of applying this perfectly stay tuned for a tutorial...onto the review:

Colour guide:

As you can see from the swatches the 'Dark' has a considerably deeper colour where as with the original is light enough to viably see the olive undertones.

When i used to use the original (before the Dark was released) to achieve the desired my personal desired shade i would have to reapply 2 times which was laborious to say the least so i rarely kept up with the tanning ritual.

Here are my before and after pictures after one application of the Dark mousse:

However with the Dark being introduced into my life by the lovely St.Moriz team i now only have to apply once a week..twice sometimes...only when i want a really lovely deep colour which i feel suits my Mediterranean features.

Having said that is very important to know when to stop when it comes to self tan, know your limit, be aware of what shade will suit you not necesarily what shade you want to be.
For example a mahogany deep tan will not necessarily suit a girl with delicate Caucasian features. Being aware of this factor also ensures that your tan looks as realistic and as undetectable as possible! 

I will be writing another post on Self tan application and general tips, there will also be a section on suitable tan levels in relation to ethnic origin and facial features so stay tuned for that!

Hope you enjoyed the review!
With Love 
Gina xox


  1. Love this tan! what a bargain! now i'm off to fake tan :)

    Hayley x

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